Fees and Payments

Fees and Payments

Fees and Payments

About settlement currency

The settlement currency depends on the issuing registration country of PayPal.
Based on the usage fee of all currencies, it will change based on the market rate between 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock in the morning of Japan time.
However, please note that the market rate may change outside the mentioned period.

Fees and Payment Timing

Payment timing differs according to “Delivery Method”

Fees and Payment Timing

Standard Shipping
Ship Directly

Purchased items are stored at our warehouse.
Once the item arrives at the warehouse, you can apply for package consolidation and/or protective packaging.
Shipping fees (domestic and international) are calculated based on the package’s actual size/weight.

You can confirm whether the item is available for this option on the item page.
You need to pay all the fees including shipping fee in advance. Since we will ship as soon as the item arrives at the warehouse, your international shipping procedure is unnecessary. In addition, you can not apply for options such as “Package Consolidation Service’” and “Protective Packaging Service”.
Please note the following when choosing Ship Directly.
The shipping method, international shipping fee, and other shipment related fees for Ship Directly is an estimate by JE& La Boutique based on our past experiences and know-how.
Please kindly note that all shipping related fees are estimated/decided by JE& La Boutique and are subject to change.
Even if the actual shipping fee differs from JE& La Boutique‘s estimations, refunds will not be accepted. Moreover, please kindly note that we bear no responsibility for explaining expense details or whether or not the fee has incurred.
Ship Directly may be changed to Standard Shipping in the following situations.
Insufficient address, unsettled payments, prohibited items
We will refund the international shipping fee in this case.
For “insufficient address” and “unsettled payment” packages, please complete the international shipping procedure from the “In Storage” page.
For “prohibited items” packages, JE& La Boutique Customer Support will contact you separately.
When re-shipping the above packages, the international shipping fee will be calculated based on the actual size/weight.
There is a possibility that the actual shipping fee differs from the estimation of Ship Directly.

Payment timing

  • 1. Commodity price (including tax)We will charge a consumption tax as necessary.
  • 2. Purchase feeIt is a fee for support of the JE& La Boutique staff regarding the purchasing of goods, international shipping. Flat rate ¥300 / Per order

Order / flat rate ¥300

* Even if multiple purchases are from the same store, it is a flat rate of ¥300.

  • This is the fee that occurs when items are shipped from the seller store to the JE& La Boutique warehouse. Japan’s domestic shipping fees change depending on the package’s weight/size, where the package is being sent from, and the shipping methods. However, prices generally range from 150 ~ 1,500 yen.
  • In principle, we require sellers/stores to use trackable shipping methods to prevent packages from missing during transportation. If the provided shipping methods on the product pages do not come with tracking information, we may ask the stores to use another shipping method that can be tracked.
  • Therefore, Japanese domestic shipping fees may occur due to this change of shipping method, even though it is stated “Free shipping” on the product pages. In order to carry your packages properly, we process each order respectively, even if multiple orders are purchased through the same store. Because of this, there will be separate Japanese domestic shipment fees for each order.

International shipping fee

The international shipping fee to send the package to your address abroad.
Please refer to the pages from each link for detailed information about international shipping.

International Shipping Fees

Shipping Methods

JAPAN Domestic Shipping

Costs related to other taxes

We will charge a tax of below as necessary.

Optional service

In addition, the following optional services are accepted in the warehouse in Japan and Hong Kong.

DHL Japan