Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment Methods | JE& La Boutique |


Select the PayPal option at the Payment Method selection screen in your My Page.
PayPal will ask users for verification before making a transaction.
After selecting PayPal as your Payment Method, please follow PayPal’s instructions to verify your transaction.

JE& La Boutique will automatically charge your PayPal account the moment place a shopping order.

JE& La Boutique will never charge you automatically unless you place an order.

Additionally, under the following circumstances, JE& La Boutique will contact you after determining a price and ask you to make a payment at your convenience.

・You are at the Second Payment stage (Domestic and International Shipping, and other Fees)
・A need has arisen for an irregular payment

Terms and Conditions

  • If the country you have registered at JE& La Boutique or the country of destination for your package is different from the country registered to your PayPal account, your payment via PayPal may be rejected.
  • When ordering from the US, your payment may be rejected if your city, state, and postal code do not match.
  • Fees are listed in Japanese yen, as well as the currency of the country you have registered on User Information, in your My Page.
  • The currency of your payments will be determined by the country of your PayPal account.
    If that currency is incompatible with JE& La Boutique, your payments will be made in US dollars.
  • You will need to finish creating a PayPal account at their website before using it at JE& La Boutique.

International Shipping Fees